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This September I attended my second Hustle and Scout market and experienced their temporary location at the Old Bus Depot. The Kingston building was certainly roomier and I loved having a corner stall this time, allowing a new set up. While I thought the Hangar was a bit busier, it was still a great day and can't wait to find out their new home, to be announced very soon for the December market.

A big hit at markets this year has been handbag hooks. The hooks have previously been my best seller on Etsy but more and more people are discovering them at the market (and interpreting their own way of how to use them!). This month I added four more to the store, with the popular triangle print selling at Hustle and Scout. I've still got six available in my Etsy store here.

And a lot of September was spent preparing for Etsy's first charity fundraiser together with Because I'm A Girl titled #makeforgood. The charity is raising money to assist girls in developing countries overcome barriers such as poverty, child marriage and abuse. Etsy's initial pledge is to donate $20,000 and help change the lives of 150 girls.

The theme of the project is 'silver linings for girls' and it has been a fun theme to work with. Before the campaign I was inspired to create a bag with scalloped edges and it all clicked when the fundraiser was announced. I then spent a day shopping for fabrics and came across a matching scallop design in rainbow colours - it was a perfect match! I completed the bag with a 'silver lining' and it was done.

The campaign officially starts on October 11 which is International Day of the Girl but many Etsy sellers have begun listing as Etsy is offering extra promotional opportunities for some early listings. Lucky I had started early and mine was ready to go. I will be donating 20% of the sale price to the campaign and it finishes on Christmas Eve. To read more about it visit the Etsy Blog here and visit my listing here.

Happy Handbags...