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May Goodness

It's been a month full of ideas and improvement this May. I began the month testing new techniques and proceeded to feature them in new designs. I also attended a business mentoring session from a fellow Etsian. It was a great meeting catching up and sharing ideas with local artists working towards a similar goal.

The bag of the month is a large tote featuring a patchwork collection of prints. The bag utilises my new techniques with a wide flat bottom and my proudest feature - an internal zipper pocket along the back! Inside also houses two open pouch pockets - I love using these for keys and my phone. The bag closes with a secure zipper.

Lastly it's time to introduce the cutest member of the family, Riley the Rex! During May he has been settling in (and causing mayhem!). It's not so easy to sew with a kitten around, we've had to fight over the tape measure a few times. Riley's got me thinking about sewing cat collars now, I can see him in a bold bowtie. Future pro…