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My July

This month I finally got around to executing an idea I've been floating around with for almost a year. And it feels great to get it done!

Let's begin with the back story... It all began two years ago when my boyfriend asked me to make a new messenger bag for him. He came up with the idea of zipping on and off a panel on the flap to change the theme of the bag. Making the bag itself was a challenge for me (he wanted so many pockets!) and really proved to myself what I could do. And then about a year ago I thought about adding the design to my store but really struggled with what to put on the panels. My problem was the five panels my boyfriend came up with for his bag were all based on licensed characters. I had a play with coming up with my own but it just wasn't right. I eventually moved on from the idea, even though I'd bought all the zips needed. Finally I decided it was time when I found some cool fabrics that would be suitable. Of course I then had to decide whic…