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December - 2014 in Review

Well didn't 2014 fly by?? I've accomplished so much this year and while I didn't complete all my goals, I did come across opportunities that weren't even available at this time last year.

So to begin, what were my goals for 2014? The first was to add a new bag style to my shop every month. And while it was tough at times, I did manage to complete this goal! I've added a range of different styles this year, from messenger bags, to totes, to tablet cases and wallets. Building up my stock eventually came in handy for the last couple of months of the year with the tricky task of managing stock between a couple of selling platforms.

The goal I did not complete was having a stall at the Handmade Markets in Canberra. I applied for the first two of the four markets and after being unsuccessful the second time I visited the store for some feedback. The lovely Julie provided lots of helpful advice and assured my products were of a high standard but there was too much competi…