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This month was another free from markets but gave me a chance to catch up and make a few changes. I worked on improving my display by adding levels to my table space, made a few more pieces and spent some time designing for the future.

The improvement was in stages starting with recycling cardboard boxes from home. First the boxes were modified to create the right display and duct taped together.

Then given two layers of white paint to cover up the colours and lastly they were covered with fabric made from a tablecloth to match my table.

I'm very happy with the results, I can now display six bags on the table comfortably and create a bit more interest with more levels in the clutches area. Can't wait to try them at my next market - Hustle and Scount on September 12.

I also added new women's wallets to my store this month. Late last year I first made women's wallets and the idea proved to be popular. This time I've modified the wallet to create a smaller version, but to still have the same capacity. The wallet still holds eight cards plus extra compartments for notes and coins and closes with a magnetic snap on the small flap. Available in three fun prints - red floral, black and white and navy polka dots.

Happy Handbags...