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March, March, March. What can I tell you about this month? Well I've been sewing like mad finishing new designs with the deadlines of markets and the good news is I finished well ahead of schedule! (the bag of the month for April is already done...). But you can check that one out in the blog next month (or just on my Facebook page if you can't wait ;)) I've always been fairly organised but putting everything down in a calendar makes a huge difference!

Bag of the month now available on Etsy

So this month's bag featured first back in January as I made the first one for myself. I'm still loving mine and after being initially worried about the size, I'm quite happy with it. My dilemma was wanting a small cute bag but trying to fit all my stuff into it! The bags feature a contrasting bow and adjustable single strap with a magnetic snap closing flap. Inside features a couple of pockets plus an extra on the outside of the bag.

All set up at Suitcase Rummage

 The bags were finished at the start of the month, in time for the Suitcase Rummage market. I was really looked forward to this market, last year I enjoyed it as the concept was different and there was a steady flow of visitors. At this market you can only sell from your suitcase, no tables or stands allowed. This year moved to a beautiful location by the lake which provided lovely views plus some entertainment.

Beautiful view at Acton Beach

Happy Handbags...