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A bit of a quiet one this month, but still some news to report on. During February I continued my coin purse creations and added larger purses to the shop. The bigger version includes more card slots and the length to fit notes. A slimline wallet is what I like to refer to them as. Available in three fun prints on Etsy now.

February was also home to an event I'd been looking forward to for the last couple of months. The Colour Run came to Canberra for the second time and I finally had the chance to participate. Quite popular now, the Colour Run is held in cities all over the world. For those who don't know, you start off in white and travel through different colour zones on the 5km track sprayed with dust and end up looking like a rainbow at the end! I made a special all white bag for the day and had a piece of art at the end of it.

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And lastly, it's time to introduce our newest family member! Little Miss Luna is a blue mitted ragdoll and after a shy couple of days she has settled in quite well. She loves to play with everything and likes to watch me sew too, just like her big brother Riley.

Happy Handbags...