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Barbie's Latest Look

Time to take a peek into one of the most coveted wardrobes in the world. Someone who has it all - Barbie! Her newest outfit is courtesy of Coach and even comes with it's own line of adorable handbags.

Images: Barbie Collector

The detail featured on the clothes and accessories is exquisite. The duffle bag is even produced in the same leather as the full size version and features working buckles, complete with designer tags and tassels. A first for Barbie too - she's never had a leather handbag before!

Image source

Barbie has had countless designer collections over the years, complete with handbags to match. Anna Sui, Juicy Couture and Judith Leiber are just a few of the amazing designs.

Images: Barbie Collector Judith Leiber Anna Sui Juicy Couture

Happy Handbags...