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Designer Spotlight: Jump From Paper

Seriously cool innovative bags are those by Jump From Paper. Designed to look like a 2D cartoon, but are fully functional in 3D, these bags really are amazing!

Images: Jump From Paper Collection

Jump From Paper was created by Chay Su and Rika Lin who came up with the bright idea of bringing a 2D illustration to life in a 3D design. Although it doesn't look like it, the simple designs feature large interiors.

Images: Martini by Jump From Paper

One of my favourite designs would have to be the new Martini, part of the Time Machine collection, inspired by the 1950s. Polka dots and bows, what's not to love?

Happy Handbags...


  1. I really want to see one of these in real life, so I can work out how they work!

  2. Yea I really wanted to see them too, then I found a shop in Canberra that stocks them! The Hive Gallery on Lonsdale st in Braddon has a few.


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