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The Best of Canberra

What I love about selling on Etsy is the strong community. Teams are a great place to hang out on Etsy with the friendships, team challenges and games and the knowledge shared between members.


A recent team game in my local team, Canetsy (Canberra Etsy Team) was a treasury challenge. Create a treasury spotlighting 16 members, while being featured in 16 other treasuries. For those unfamiliar with Etsy, a treasury list is a collection of 16 items and the best part is treasuries are are chosen for the front page.

Featured in the treasury are lots of interesting finds from local sellers - from jewellery to art, clothing to plushies, these talented Canberrans have got it covered! A special shoutout to Lisa from loulouandbetty for organising this particular team game. Thanks!

Shops featured:
loulouandbetty KylieFogartyFineArt bananaorangeapple petaspaintshop ohsostationery noritadesigns teapostandsnail venerate pretapawte oopah tashsfaecritters SeasideRomance wombatandposs seonamargaretdesigns eryka91 Protego

See the finished treasury list here

Happy Handbags...


  1. Thanks for featuring us on your blog! It looks lovely

  2. Thanks for your support! I appreciate the effort you have put in.

  3. Thanks Kerri-Anne! We definitely have some great talent here in the Berra :)


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